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Vario is, in fact, a well-known magazine for frequent flyers as it has been the onboard magazine of Air Wondiana published every month since 1996. Constantly growing interest encouraged us to consider publishing it independently in order to reach to a greater number of readers. To this end, we have reset the number, created a new face and started publication in May 2004. Now its contents are also being published online on this website and through our facebook page.

Vario means “to diversify, change, alter, vary; to be different” in Latin. This touches to our very notion: Here, within the pages of Vario, you will often face an alternative reality, various standpoints and a “different” appearance of life which is taken not “as it is” but rather “as it might have been.” Its source is our imagination, it is our way. This is the very heart of our nation, Wondiana, where trues come dream.

Well met, stranger, if you are one.
Hello friend, if you had always been...


About the concept of Wondiana...

Wondiana is an imaginary country, located in the Southwest Pacific, created by Nihat Emin Güven and all the contributors are counted as natural participants of a group called Créative Wondiénne. Vario Magazine is the mouthpiece of this concept. Most of the content published in this magazine has been produced originally or compilations are revised from the viewpoint of Wondiana, as if it was the reality.